Local Regulation for Korca Open Air, international FAI class 2 Paragliding Accuracy event. Albanian National Championship Final

Korca Open Air 2023

Paragliding Accuracy Competition

FAI class 2

14-16 december

Albanian National Championship, Final stage

Local regulations

Organized by:

Aeronautika Shqiptare

On behalf of NAC of Republic of Albania

Albanian Air SportS Federation

These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with General Section and Section 7C of the FAI Sporting Code as far as appropriate for a Cat 2 event.


The purpose of the competition is to provide safe, fair and satisfying contest flying in order to determine the 2023 Korca Open Paragliding Accuracy Winners and to reinforce friendship among pilots and nations.

2. Contacts and officials

Organizing NAC

NAC of Republic of Albania – Aeronautical Federation of Albania


Competition organizer

Alket Islami ([email protected])

Meet Director

Artion Vreto

Safety Director

Alket Islami  (ALB)

Chief judge

Xhelal Leskovci (KOS)

Event judge

Sasho Spirkoski (KOS)

Target judge/s

Arlind Krasniqi (KOS)

Krenare Leskovci (KOS)


Launch Marshall


Complains committee.

To be defined on general briefing

Safetty committee

To be defined on general briefing

3.Program and schedule

Event program

Official Registration

Thursday, 14th December (19:00 – 22:00)

Mandatory Safety Briefing

Friday, 15th December, (08:30 – 09:00)

Official Competition flying days

Friday, 15th December 2023 and Saturday, 16th December 2023

Prize-giving and Closing ceremony

Saturday, 16th December 2023 (19:00-20:00)

Typical Daily Schedule

• 08:30 – Pilots briefing at the official landing / Previous day official results

• 09:00 – Transport to the takeoff

• 09:30 – Launch and start of flying rounds

• 20:00 – Provisional results

The daily schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the Meet Director at Pilot Briefing.

4.Selection criteria and registration

The limits

The maximum number of pilots in the competition is 80

The maximum number of pilots constituting a team is 3 total. Teams shall be constituted and registered latest on Friday, 15th December (09:00).

Selection Procedures

All applications for competition shall be made personally or through authorization at the official registration, selection criteria is based on first-come-first-served policy.

Entry Fee

Competition entry fee is: 80 EUR and shall be paid during pilot registration.

The Entry fee includes:

• Transport to the take-off and retrieve for all competition days

• Lunch package

• Access to all competition events and parties

• Free internet access at the HQ

Refund policy

Cancellation requests which are submitted after payment is completed and participation confirmed will be treated individually. Decision upon refund remains at organizers discretion.


Pre-registration of the pilots must be done through the Event Organizer:

[email protected] 00355692042222

The official registration will shall take place on Thursday, 14th September 2023. On registration each competitor will be requested to present:

• Valid FAI Sporting License. (through FAI online database)

• Satisfactory evidence of glider airworthiness (all certified gliders on class EN: A,B,C,D are accepted)

• Certificate of third party insurance as detailed

On registration each competitor will be requested to sign:

• The Waiver Declaration (agreement on release of liability)

• The Entry Form

5. Insurance

Documentary proof in English of valid:

• Insurance covering public liability risk (third party insurance) to the value of minimum 20,000 EUR (twenty thousand euro) must be presented to the organizers before the start of the championship.

6. Equipment

All pilots must fly with certified paraglide, harness, helmet, rescue parachute and radio. All equipment must abide by FAI section 7C-8. 8. Radios

7. Flying Site

A) Morava Hill  suitable for NW,W,SW winds

     Take off  JR67+6H9, Kryqi, Albania

      Landing    JQ3R+5XF Korçë, Albania

B) Maliqi Hill suitable for N,NE,E,SE

    Take off MPC9+QH8 Pocestë, Albania

     Landing   MPCC+XCG Pocestë, Albania

8. Prices and competition categories

    Female ranking for Korca Open Air

        1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place medals

   Team ranking for Korca Open Air

       1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place team ranking

Overall Ranking for Korca Open Air

      1st place trophy, 2nd place and 3rd place medals

Albanian National Championship Overalll ranking for 2023 season

1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place

9. Number of rounds

Minimum of the rounds to make the competition valid is 1 and the maximum number of rounds is 8

The measuring will be made till the 5 m radius wich means the maximum score is 500 cm

10.Wind Speed limit

Wind speed limit is 6 m\s

11.Team Ranking

Teams will be made of 3 pilots and all 3 results are counting for every round

12.Starting Order

The starting order will be decided by the WRPS ranking after the registration is finished. The numbers will be given to the pilots on the Pilots briefing

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