Llogara Air Games ACRO 2021

Hurry up to register for the event ” Llogara Air Games ACRO 2021 “

ARCO 2021 will be held on : 9-10-11- September 2021 competition
12 September 2021 expression session (reserve day, only in case of bad weather during the preceding days    

1: Event : Llogara Air Games ACRO 2021
2: Event Category : WAT FAI cat-2, solo and sincro.
3: Event Organiser : Aeronautika Shqiptare and Aeroclub Albania with support of the Albania Airsports Federation.
4: Event Director: Alket Islami
5: Event Coordinator : Claudio Cattaneo
6: Event will be held at “Sky Sports Center” which is located Llogara,Palase, Vlore, Albania.
7: Location will be provided for both destinations, Take off and location via google map.
8: Entry Fee for this event is 140€
9: It is necessary for each participant to send us information about the departure and arrival date in Tirana, in order for the logistics to organize the transport.

As for the days before and after the event, pilots that want to practice will have constant means of transport to the Take Off, each route priced at 4€ per pilot.
There will be constant recovery boats available at the landing spot.
There will be free WiFi available at the landing spot, as well as the accommodation area for all pilots.

  1. The event organizers will offer the transportation needed for all pilots to get from Nënë Tereza Airport to the area of the event.
    For this service, each pilot must pay a fee of 7€ per route.
  2. All accommodation and food will be included in the event and covered by the organizers.
  3. After the activities are done for the day, a celebrative party will take place. After the completion of the final race, the closing ceremony will feature the awards celebration, followed by an afterparty that will include other elements of show surprise.

Excluding the food and drinks offered for free in the event, all pilots are invited to enjoy additional goods at a discounted price.
Those who would prefer their own means of transportation and/or accommodation, will have their own parking and camping spots available to them.


Please find here the Local Regulation file.

llogara air games ACRO AWT 2021

Below will find the form for the registration:

Registration Form

Take off location
Additional Contacts

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +355692075277
WhatsApp: +355692075277
Phone: 355 69 204 2222
WhatsApp: +355 69 204 2222
Instagram: Paragliding.al
Facebook:Llogara Air Games Festival



  1. Victor Carrera
  2. Marco Diliberto
  3. Nico Calliari
  4. Johannes Glatz
  5. De blic Theo
  6. Lukas Neu
  7. Mael Jimenez
  8. Maud Perrin
  9. Luke de Weert
  10. Marco Papa
  11. Alexander Schweig
  12. Rolf Steinmeier
  13. Horacio Llorens
  14. Egor Posokhin
  15. Calin Popa
  16. Gabi Fonck
  17. Georg Waller
  18. Andres Villamizar

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