The eagles of Bari in the country of “Eagles”

BARI – The meeting between the President of the Bari association, Gianfrancesco Pesce and the president of the Albanian Air Sport Federation,  Renis Tershana took place on  April 9th, at the headquarters of the Bari AeroClub.

The meeting, was organized by Roberto Laera, director of the italian-albanian consulting firm “Italian Network”, who laid the foundations for the start of a more intense collaboration between the two entities.

The aim is to develop aviation from a sporting, educational, tourism and other activities related to the aviation world, also starting a partnership for the provision of courses for the issuance of pilot patents.

The “Aviation School”  is the main activity of “Bari Aeroclub”, which is the oldest in Italy founded in 1913 and inaugurated in its current location in 1929 by Italo Balbo; in fact, it annually develops two Courses for the achievement of the private pilot license (PPL-A), in which participate both the aspiring pilots members and numerous students from the affiliated Aeronautical Technical Institutes of Bari, Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto participate.

The Club provides the students with qualified theoretical and practical training instructors, coming from the Italian Air Force and civil aviation.

The quality of the training received is evidenced by the recruitment of personnel in the commercial companies of pilots coming from the Aero Club Bari, confirming that the training given is considered excellent also by the strict and rigorous selection criteria of the major airlines.

The Albanian Air Sport Federation (AASF) is a member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). Founded in 2010 in Tirana, it can find a valid encouragement in the Bari association to promote all the aeronautical activities that with the imminent opening of the Kukes Airport and the construction of the Vlore Airport in Albania, and will receive a considerable increase and to propose further opportunities of  development in the tourism, economy and professional fields.


The “chick off”meeting of this partnership will take place in Tirana on May 5th and 6th, at the Mother Teresa International Airport, with an open day dedicated to the world of “Eagles”, where informative seminars on aeronautical professions and air sports will be held, an exhibition of aircraft and a round table on development opportunities related to the aeronautical and air sports world.

The President Gianfrancesco Pesce, together with all the members of the Bari Aeroclub, to sign the agreement,  will reach Tirana on board of their aircraft.

Credits : Giornale di Puglia

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